About Us
Stephanie Bourdelle, BFA
Grandmother, Master Gardener/Land Artist, Nature Photographer, Storyteller.  

All my life, art/creating, my connection to the earth/Gaia, and observing nature, have coursed through my marrow --
jamming me up when I did not let the energies express through me.  A fourth-generation artist, I am the daughter of
renowned sculptor/muralist Pierre Bourdelle, the grand-daughter of world-renowned monumental French sculptor
Emile-Antoine Bourdelle, the great-granddaughter of the master wood-carver/cabinet-maker Antoine Bordelles of
Montauban -- whose weaver wife, Emilie Reille, was from a family of weavers and goatherds.

My father (Professor & Chairman, Art Department at Post College, NY, until his death), introduced me to the world of
nature/observation, then Fine Arts & Photography, from the moment he could tap into my curiosity.  His primal sculpture
studio and darkroom were in the walk-out basement of our forest house.  The magic of being able to develop film, while
sitting at a table and talking about other things, was a normal occurrence no matter where we lived -- even when we
stayed in a hotel.  The creation of art was a constant in my home as I grew up.  Art as an expression of anything I do, is
deeply ingrained in me -- typing/editing a document, ironing clothing, cooking a meal, designing/laying a stone wall or
website, writing a letter, weeding/harvesting -- all and anything could be, and often are -- a creative act channeled
through my heart and hands.  

Growing up in an academic/creative milieu, my British engineer mother taught me piano and math/science/logic, while my
father emphasized coming from the right side of my brain.  An early lesson in gardening was that grass was a weed -- my
mother loved having mosses and naturalizing wildflowers in our forest  and 'yard'.  So, when I was 9 years-old she would
send my brother and I out to pull the grass out of the velvety mosses which carpeted our 'back yard'.   The next year my
father brought back vegetable seeds from France, so that we would have REAL vegetables that summer (small, delicate
varieties with superb flavor, unlike what was sold in the local markets).  Now in my fifth decade of gardening/working with
the land, I am the principal gardener at Mount Harmony Farm, with a passion for French and heritage varieties of flowers
and vegetables/fruits.  My husband, Marc, has introduced me to Asian vegetables and medicinal plants, mapping out a  
as a place of live healing herbs from all over, to help with various ailments.

The following pages are principally my Mount Harmony Farm photographs, and show some of my work with the land,
stones and plants, as well as the observation of nature, light and ephemeral qualities.

I have been an Assistant Instructor in Color Photography at the Boston School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and an
Assistant Instructor in Fine Woodworking at the Crafts Students League in New York City.  I fairly sizzle with energy and
curiosity about the natural world -- my touchstone.  My photographs show a keen eye for the qualities of light and the
heart of my subjects -- whether they be animal, vegetable, mineral, a quality of light or emotion, or other.  I use Adobe
Photoshop liberally along with my over-worked flatbed scanner in much of my work.  

Along with my husband, Marc, I have been actively involved with working with the land (esp. stones), plants and
energies; dreamwork, divining/dowsing, and manifesting through improving understanding/alignment with higher
connections.  24 hrs is too short a day for us.

I am the wife of the biodynamic farmer, actor and teacher, Marc Bourdelle, from whom I began my study of Tai Chi in
1985.  I have been assisting in my husband's classes since 2000.  Together, we are the teachers/ Managers of Arts
Center, and Mount Harmony Farm.
Marc Bourdelle -- At a very early age my mother, Eva, introduced me to Acting, Music, Imagination, Horses and Mother Nature.  Some of the
acting notables I have worked with are Al Pacino and James Earl Jones.  I studied acting with Lee Strasberg, Marilyn Fried, and Alan Miller.  I was a
member of the  NYU  Acting Teacher Training, The Working Theater in New York; as well as a member of the West Coast Ensemble in Los Angeles.

I began training in Indigenous Energy Arts over 35 yrs ago and started teaching & creative consulting in 1994.  Sidelined from injuries for well over
two years, I retired from the Theater -- ultimately moving to Vermont and studying organic farming, horsemanship and continuing with  
Indigenousi/energy arts disciplines.  Miraculously healed, I  am walking, drumming, farming  and acting again.

I have instructed at Bard College, Simon's Rock, Vassar College, Angell Hill Wellness Center, Omega Institute as well as Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Cancer Center's Department of Alternative Medicine.

Union Memberships include Actor's Equity