Organic Farming
Only to him who stands where the barley stands and listens well, will it speak and tell, for his sake,
what man is.
                                                                                             Masanobu Fukuoka, 1985
Our organic, healthy soil produces vibrant
colors in the frogs here
Spreader and Green Manure Cover Crops 2010
2008 -- Early stage of gradual West Pasture restoration -- stumps, twigs, rocks
& weeds clearing in progress (Antique Tractor is a 1947 Case VAC).
Stephanie, our photographer/gardener/web master, has been growing  
vegetables, medicinal herbs & perennials, with a focus on species daylilies &
heritage/heirloom varieties of plants/flowers.  Her ancestors were goatherds,
weavers and wood carvers/cabinet makers in the foothills of the French
Pyrenees (the Languedoc/Occitan region) near where very early cave
paintings & stone circles (Dolmens) are, and in the region where the Holy
Grail is reputed to be.

Marc is our Farmer and Business Manager
Organic Guest House Garden (Herbs, Greens, Veggies) with
Munchers always testing the fencing and getting nibbles of
what they can j-u-s-t reach (or pull out).  Chipmunks get most of
the strawberries & blueberries...  Every year the garden is
                                                                   Listening Well

We began working with the land, plants & the Earth many decades ago, and experience has given us many resources we continue to  
explore:  Macrobiotic practices and principles, Rudolf Steiner's Biodynamic principles, herb gardens, composting, raised beds for some
areas, intensive farming practices, forgiveness farming, intuitions, Findhorn/elementals' energies, and not imposing our demands on this
fragile biosphere we have labeled ours.   We are caretakers, and the Earth and its complexities then reward us, our health, and our souls,
with its gracious bounty and deeply healing properties.

Marc began his extensive studies in Taoist Spirit/Mind/Body Arts  50 years ago.  His wife, Stephanie, began working with & observing
plants when very young.   She resonates with the abundant beauty & numinous activity in the rural outdoors.    We are passionately
moving forward towards our 2018 gardening plans.  

Working mostly by hand and with simple tools, with a very low fossil fuel usage on our acreage, we are responsive to what the land can
give us, as we have been gradually expanding our vegetable and healing herbal gardens. The Geese help to balance the snail/slug
population that has followed our successes; our Donkeys, Rabbit & Sheep are contributing compost (and they keep the rest of the
grounds 'mowed').  
Hope with with BoBo & Lady Hazel, brushing them & giving
them hugs